Virtual Shop Date

How the Virtual Shop Date works:

  1. To explore our offerings you can fill out the form below to set up a video-chat shop date with the owner and artisan, Amor 
  2. We schedule a day/time that works well for you.
  3. Shortly before our appointment Amor will send you photos of the shop "yarn walls" so you can peruse the colors.
  4. During our date you can ask Amor to pull out colors, ask about the yarns bases themselves and together you can put together the combinations that will delight your hands and eyes.
  5. Then we will send you an invoice with your selection which you can pay via your preferred method (credit/debit/paypal).
  6. Then your yarn gets shipped to your home where you can roll around with it and giggle with glee.


Customer Testimonials

Patti (Yarn Culture) introduced me to Crave Yarns and I was very sad to learn that Amor had a shop in Santa Fe. How could I get there to look at her yarns? Amor offered to call me on FaceTime and I was introduced to the virtual shopping, The shop became alive and I was able to see all the yarn bases and the different shades and hues. Amor described the yarns as she held the skeins, I felt like I was actually holding them in my hands. The yarn is wonderful and I love knitting with all the different bases. Amor’s love of her work is very special! It comes through as she describes the skeins, patiently moving the yarns around to different areas in the shop so I can see them in different lights. She helps me combine bases and colors and is able to figure out what I am looking for at all times. Of course, I am now a “virtual” customer and looking forward to our next date! (Irma - Connecticut)                                                                                      

I discovered Amores on a short visit to Santa Fe, but I was with a group (non-knitters), and so I didn’t have much time. Amor told me about her virtual program. So I made an appointment when I got back home and it was so much fun. She was so sweet and patient and we explored all her amazing colors to my heart’s content. And because Amor is the actual dyer, she had a fantastic sense of how to put colors together and she had great project ideas. We laughed a lot, It was really a lot of fun. It was just like shopping with one of my knitting friends. And when the yarn arrived it was even more beautiful than I imagined. Seriously Gorgeous! I love the yarn (all of it) and I loved the visit with Amor. Heck, I’m already plotting projects for the next time. (Sylvi - California)