AMORES is a sweet and spacious nook, caressed by the natural sunlight that pours over the central work table. AMORES is my dream come true. My name is Amor. Yes, it means "Love," and yes, that is actually my name (shy smile)...I love you too mom. The name of my Studio + Shop is actually not a direct nod to my given name. As a child I was raised in tandem by my mother and my grandmother, who loved and supported me and one another each and every day that we shared together. In our very female, very happy, and VERY STRONG home we were surrounded by a garden of wild flowers that seeded in the soil, wove themselves in among the rocks, and even hugged the adobe walls. I recall some particularly prolific flowers that always adorned my grandmother's gardens—you will know them as cosmos. I remember these sweet little daisy-like buds because I always felt warm with affection when my grandmother referred to them. She called them amores. It's those flowers and my grandmother's love for them that inspired the name of my studio. It keeps her close to me in this heart led venture.She was, after all, the one to place strands of yarn in my 8 year old hands so many moons ago...a slow but clear beginning for what was to come.

Now, after 6 years as a hand-dyer (owner and artisan of Crave Yarn) I was ready to fulfill my most persistent yarn dream of opening a physical Studio + Shop space in my native New Mexico and in the city that I love, Santa Fe. After 4 years as an online shop owner I was ready to have a face-to-face community to share my passion and art with. I am beyond myself with joy and gratitude to be realizing this dream now.

AMORES specializes in luxury fibers. The universal variable for all my yarns is softness. I design custom yarn bases that are difficult to put down, yarns that want to be caressed—that will caress you in return when transformed into hand knit or crocheted fashion pieces. In perfect complement to these delectable textures, I conjure in my dyepots the deeply layered and rich colorways that flirt with my heart time and time again. All in all, I strive to create fiber products that make you anxious for those glorious moments when you can steal away to your favorite chair to hold these delectable strands between your fingers and create lusciously threaded masterpieces.